Most pretty and intelligent babies, all they need is a home with parental love.
Children are the gift of God and so we have taking the time to make sure these unprivileged and needy children get the best.
They say Charity begins at home, we have taking into personal account the safety and upbringing of these children whom we believe deserve nothing but the best with God fearing parents. You shouldn't be of standard, you shouldn't be rich to have a child. The love to a child is enough to a,education and secured future of a child is what we demand to anyone seeking to adopt from  us.
We have children in our custody ,children who need to be adopted, we are willing to provide more information and pictures of the children we have for adoption.please indicate if you are looking to adopt a male a female.

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Please send your inquiries by filling the form on the right and when you are don't typing your message, you click on send  and we will get your message and respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks

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